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Removing Grout and Adhesive from Wall Tiles

We had to remove a partial wall of tiles in a shower that was tiled 30 years ago. We cannot buy matching tiles due to the age. We would like to repair the wall, then re-use the tiles. How can we get the adhesive off the back of the tiles and the grout off of the edges so the tiles can be re-used.

Re: Removing Grout and Adhesive from Wall Tiles

buy new ,its not worth you time.

A. Spruce
Re: Removing Grout and Adhesive from Wall Tiles

Paint thinner (mineral spirits ) is used to remove cured adhesive from the surface of tiles and tools. Keep in mind that the surface of tile has been sealed with glaze, unlike the back side where the paint thinner can soak into the tile which will likely affect adhesion when you try to reuse the tile. I would recommend only scraping to remove the majority of the old adhesive. To do this the most safe way, build a jig to hold the tile on the face and at least two sides that is secured to a sturdy work bench. Once the tile is safely held, you can work with a sharpened putty knife or even a wood chisel.

To remove grout from the edges, you can usually scrape it off with the side of a putty knife OR very carefully knock it off with the putty knife and a hammer, working from the face of the tile and out away from the edge.

Expect some breakage, feel blessed if you're able to recover all tiles.

Re: Removing Grout and Adhesive from Wall Tiles

If you have a grinder with a wire wheel it will take it off. Soak the tile then grind it off,,,dont let the tile heat up. Wet it when it heats up

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