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Removing drain from shower insert

I have a one piece shower insert that I am removing. I got it all loose, but can't figure out how to get the drain off. The drain is plastic with a flange that fits over the the floor of the shower. I tried to pry the flange up to get the floor over it, but not having any luck ... here is a picture of the drain and the floor ... and help would be appreciated!

Re: Removing drain from shower insert

You need access from below to remove the drain and to install a new one. The one pictured looks like PVC and may have to be cut loose. You could cut the floor of the shower but that won't help with re-installation.

Re: Removing drain from shower insert

:eek: If it doesn't have the gasket bonnet for the pipe and is solvent welded then you have to cut it. The drain is fastened to the shower unit from the underside.

You can get an inside pipe cutter for around $12 and that should set you free. It looks like a bolt with a little saw on the end and it fits on a drill or you can make one with a bolt , nut and a washer. You have to shape the teeth yourself.

If you want to reuse the unit you have ruined the drain and will need to replace it. See if you can borrow some 460 channel locks or something similar. Its a BIG nut.

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