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Removing caked on mineral deposits

Hello, I live in an area where the water is very hard and we get ugly mineral build ups on our sink fixtures, both around the faucet and the handles and base. Is there a product that will remove that?:confused:

Re: Removing caked on mineral deposits

You can use vinegar to remove most deposits. Here's a link that describes the many uses for vinegar. Plus vinegar is cheaper than some commercial cleaners.


Re: Removing caked on mineral deposits

where we live we also get very bad mineral deposits. what we use is the orange waterless handcleaner from napa. I know its not what most people would think to use but it works even when built up thick and without all the oders from most cleaners

A. Spruce
Re: Removing caked on mineral deposits

Heavy deposits on smooth surfaces can be primarily removed with a single edged razor (paint scraper).

Re: Removing caked on mineral deposits

Vinegar works the majority of the time. You can also use CLR or any shower/tub foaming cleaner,let it sit for a few miniutes then use an old tooth brush to get in all the tight spots. After its all clean polish with any auto crome cleaner/polish non abrasive. The polish makes it much easier job the next time around.

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