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removing basement radiator

I want to remove a radiator located in my basement. I am looking to move some plumbing and the radiator is in the way. This is the only radiator that is located below the basement supply and return pipes. My assumption is that I will need to drain the whole system in order to remove the radiator if I want to avoid flooding the basement. Correct?

This is a two pipe hot water system.


Re: removing basement radiator


Yes, you may have to drain the system completely---you would also have to SHUT OFF the EMERGENCY ELECTRICAL SWITCH on the boiler and shut off the boiler water supply valve that feeds fresh water to the boiler---this valve is shown in the illustrations at the site below on page 4, ilustration #13--("conventional gas boiler") the "cold water shutoff" is located just before the pressure reducing valve---click onto the + icon to get a larger picture.

Sometimes you can avoid draining everything if your system has several shutoff valves on the main supply and main return lines of the boiler.

The MAJOR TEST you have to do before you can loosen the nuts at the bottom of the radiator is to OPEN THE BLEED VALVE of the radiator---as long as you continue to see water coming out of the radiator bleed valve, you can't loosen the large nuts at the bottom, attaching the supply line & return line to the radiator---keep draining water from the boiler drain valve until no water comes out of the bleed valve---there will still be a gallon or two of water trapped in the rad, so have a flat pan ready to put under the large nut when you loosen it.

You will have to drain enough water from the boiler drain valve at the bottom of the boiler (or shut off all the isolation valves on the boiler piping) until no more water comes out of the bleed valve on the radiator.

Once you have removed & reconnected the radiator, you will have to refill the system with water by reopening the cold water shutoff, and bleed all the air that has accumulated in the system---start with the rads at the highest point in the system for your bleeding procedure---don't forget to REOPEN any valves on the supply piping that you may have closed, so the boiler water can flow freely.

Once the system is up & running again you will have to bleed the rads again the following day to get any additional entrained air out.


Re: removing basement radiator

Hi, YES, Close incoming water valve to boiler, drain the whole system down, remove the feed and return lines to radiator, plug them off if you are not going to re-use and you are good to go! Re-fill system and bleed out all air to radiators unless you have auto vents.You will have to be sure you remove all air in lines.:cool:GregC

Re: removing basement radiator

Thanks, I figured.

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