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removing baked-on paint from old glass panes

We have purchased a house where the previous owner decided to sell "mid-renovation". One of the projects left unfinished for quite some time was the painting of virtually all the windows. He painted many of the windows and neglected to scrape them at all. Now there are thick strokes of paint on the glass panes and they have baked on over a long time. It took over an hour to remove the paint off of one window with a razor blade, and there are several dozen. Any advice on how to do it easier? Chemicals or other tricks?

Re: removing baked-on paint from old glass panes

Yeah, it's a pain, but the razor technique is still the best. Just pick a nice day, put on some tunes, and change blades when they get dull.

Re: removing baked-on paint from old glass panes

I agree, a razor blade is the best I've found. Be sure to get a good blade holder, one that won't slip with every other stroke. Might be a bit more expensive, but well worth it with that many windows. (Invite your new neighbors over and serve them lunch after they've scraped some.)

You could try a paint scraper with a new blade -- most any hardware store will have them, but I'd be concerned about scratching the glass.

Re: removing baked-on paint from old glass panes

Stick with the razor blade and elbow grease. I tried using goof off and "oops" and neither one really made much of a difference. I still had to work just as hard and long to get the paint off with the razor blade.

Re: removing baked-on paint from old glass panes

go to home depot and there is a section in their out door area in which you will find long handled brushes as well as a solvent used for cleaning windows, as well as squeeges, there in that area with all the window cleaning stuff you will find razors about 3 inches wide on a handle used by professional window cleaners and they will work much faster than a regular blade simply because of covering more area at a time

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