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removing 1984 yale keyed entry lock

I have an about 1984 yale keyed entry lock with a push and twist in locking knob on the inside handle. There are no obvious screws in the lock. However, the stems for the inner and outer handles have about a 1/16" hole in them just outside of the faceplate of the lock. How do I get a handle off so I can remove the lock and replace it?

Re: removing 1984 yale keyed entry lock

Yale hides the screws well. Look for a cover that when removed, exposes the screws. Trust me, the screws are there.

Re: removing 1984 yale keyed entry lock

On one door, I bent the inner decorative faceplate back far enough to expose two screws. I then removed them, but this just loosened up the inner mechanism but did not allow either handle to be removed.

A. Spruce
Re: removing 1984 yale keyed entry lock

Most handsets that require the removal of the knob to disassemble the mechanism have a push button tab that is on the inboard side of the handle (facing the hinge edge of the door ) or towards the floor. If there isn't a large flat tab to depress, then the 1/16" hole you describe should be it. Insert a wire to depress the tab and remove the knob.

Removing the escutcheon from the rest of the mechanism is usually not much more difficult. The methods I've seen with these is either a spring along the shaft of the handset or a spring tab along the perimeter of the escutcheon plate. Once off, the main screws to remove the mechanism from the door can be gotten to.

For keyed locks, the screws usually have button caps that will be 1/8" to 3/16" in diameter. Pop these caps off to reveal the screws. The caps will be on the inside portion of the lock.

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