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Removing 100 Year Old Carpet Glue

A runner carpet was removed from a church hardwood floor, but the glue remains. the stretch is about 4 feet wide and 50 feet long. Many chemicals have been tried with minimal success. Is there a quick way to remove this? Sanding is an option, but suspect that many sanding discs would be involved.

Re: Removing 100 Year Old Carpet Glue

Hey, Steve,
I've been through this myself - tried every nasty chemical known to man or beast to remove old, black adhesive that held down the lowest of five levels of linoleum and other plastic flooring in my old 1927 house. There was a nice maple floor at the bottom and I wanted it bad!
I accidentally spilled some water on some of it and - voila! - the old black adhesive came right up! Water is called the "universal solvent" for good reason. I found that using some wallpaper paste remover in with the water improved the results. Good luck!

Re: Removing 100 Year Old Carpet Glue

If water doesn't work, you might also try Olive Oil. Just get the cheap stuff you can buy by the gallon. I've never used it on floor glue, but it's gotten every other type of glue I've used it on up.

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