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Removed load bearing wall

Looking at the purchase of a late 1800s home. It's a lovely house we would love to restore. Unfortunately we have very little time to make a decision on it. We will have a home inspection done but before going that far I would like to have some idea of how much trouble I am getting into !

Looking at the neighboring house it appears that some time in the mid 2000s a it appears that a load bearing wall was removed on the first floor. I know about the replacement of main beam and supports, but this is a little beyond my experience. What is involved in restoring a weight bearing wall ? Practically speaking this means loss of much of the (plaster) ceiling.

On a main beam a hydrolic jack is used to lift the floor over time. What is the approach with a second floor problem ?

As this is a "relatively" recent are there grounds for optimism that major damage has not yet occurred.


Re: Removed load bearing wall

Enlist the services of a structural engineer - not a home inspector - for this.

Things interconnect in structure and there could be unseen damage to what has occured.

Re: Removed load bearing wall

The only way to verify is to have someone qualified look at it after you remove the drywall and expose the framing. Do you have time to do this?

If any 'not to code' work has been done 10 years ago, you should see damages already. But if there's no visual evidence of damages, there is a chance that the work was performed correctly. Just a guess.

Re: Removed load bearing wall

I would check with the local building office to see if a permit was taken out for this work. If there was no permit taken out run do not walk from this project.

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