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remove stains from grout & tile

i would like 2 know the best & safest 2 remove stains from grout & tile from kitchen counter tops as we have small children & pets

A. Spruce
Re: remove stains from grout & tile

Steam, in the form of a general household steamer such as the Steamfast SF275. Steam cleans and sanitizes without the use for harsh and environmentally unsafe chemical products.

The SF275 is an inexpensive way to get into the world of steam cleaning without breaking the bank. Steam can be used on any heat tolerant surface from kitchen counters to bathrooms, bedding, children's toys, infant related equipment and toys, and much more.

Once you know what cleaning with steam is all about you will likely want a machine that can do more. For that I'd recommend the US Steam ES500. It is more of an investment, however it is a machine that is going to handle anything you can throw at it for years to come.

If you want to know more about steam cleaning equipment, I'd be happy to share.

Re: remove stains from grout & tile

We have a tile floor in our kitchen with rather wide grout lines. I thought I chose a dark enough color but I was VERY wrong. We started having problems almost immediately. We spilled some olive oil on the floor which left an awful stain an as time wore on the areas in front of the stove and sink were extremely discolored. I bought a special cleaner from the tile store, googles and plastic gloves and scrubbed everything. Very little difference in appearance. I did some more internet research and called several companies that re-coat your grout with a polymer coating that does not stain. We used sani-clean and had the work done about 7 months ago. It looks as beautiful as the day they did it. Everything we spill comes right back up. Grout is porous and if it is not sealed you will just have to keep cleaning it. Sealing it was the best money I ever spent. I don't know why the installer didn't tell us about it in the first place. If I ever do tile again, I would definitely use Sani-Clean. They even moved the appliances out and did the grout underneath them.

Re: remove stains from grout & tile

Sorry I goofed the name. Sani-GLAZE not Sani-Clean

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