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Remove sliding window panel

I have a 20 yr. old condo that has sliding glass windows instead of double hung or casement. I'm trying to remove the panel that slides w/ little luck. The panel can be lifted so the bottom comes out of its track, but I can't seem to get the upper part free of the track on which it slides. If anyone has any experience with removing these I'd appreciate some advice.



Re: Remove sliding window panel

The ones I've had experience with have a springy top track. Just lift up firmly on the slider and tilt the bottom toward you.

Re: Remove sliding window panel

Your suggestion worked. Another question- How about the fixed panel? I've been looking for points of attachment & haven't found any. Any further help would be appreciated.

Re: Remove sliding window panel

If there is a screen panel as well you need to remove that first ... should come out in the same fashion.

Then the fixed panel can be removed after ..... you will notice a lip on the metal frame that overlaps the screen .... it's for security so no one is able to remove the screen from the outside.

Hopefully this helps.:)

A. Spruce
Re: Remove sliding window panel

The fixed panel may or may not be "removable". Older style windows the fixed panel was held in place with a trim strip or slip fit in a channel and a couple screws. New windows, for energy efficiency and other reasons may be held in place with silicone, beutyl caulk, or double stick tape, depends on the manufacturer. In these cases you'll need a special cutter to cut the sealant/tape around the window. This is on the inside face of the glass where it mates into the frame, not around the perimeter. A utility knife won't go flat enough to the glass to get between the glass and frame without breaking the glass, assuming you're trying to remove the window in one piece. If saving the glass isn't a concern and it's caulked/taped in place, you can carefully smash the glass out (using all safety gear and methods possible ), then a utility knife will work quite well.

Re: Remove sliding window panel

Yep .... like Sprucey says .
I was thinking strictly the older sliders with single panes and metal frames.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Remove sliding window panel

The fixed panel might be secured with brackets preventing it from sliding but you'd see these. might also be pins into keepers in the tracks that you have to pop off a screw cover then rotate the screw to withdraw the pins but dont remove the screw. the pins and keepers or brackets could be all four corners, just the outside fixed panel side or just the meeting side. might not have pins at all just seems fixed and unable to move due to dirt on the track or wedged to weatherstrip sitting in place many years or is the sash is heavy not a vinyl one you might need a little more effort to move it especially if the sash's buttons are compressed, chipped, dirty or if applicable the rollers are compressed or dirty or if the rollers have a spring adjustment and they are fully dialed out.

With interior sliding sash removed move exterior sash towards the center past the anti lift blocks. you might have to use a lifter tool like a pair of flexable putty knives or shims to slightly lift the fixed panel up to be able to move it towards the center. you might have to remove the anti lift blocks for the interior slider sash if you see a visible screw or mechanism to be able to remove the exterior slider sash. you might have to also remove blocks of weather stripping on the tracks where the corners of the two sashes meet the tracks to be able to move the fixed sash towards the center of the window opening past the anti lift blocks so you can remove it just like you removed interior sliding sash.

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