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Remove rust on porch from bleeding railing?

Can someone please tell me how I could solve this issue? We had the front porch custom painted two years ago and it is getting ruined by a rusty railing. The service was warrantied but the company recently went out of business. How can I at least remove the surface rust without damaging the paint; I already tried scrubbing with simple green. A non-acidic remover?

Here are some pics.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Remove rust on porch from bleeding railing?

I have found that oxalic acid crystals dissolved in boiling hot water takes rust stains off. I used it to clean marble stairs so I think it will work equally well on concrete.

Re: Remove rust on porch from bleeding railing?

Oxalic acid will definitely clean away rust stains. The major ingredient of most deck cleaners is oxalic acid. I have used it to remove rust stains in my sidewalks. My father also used it to clean the toilets and shower of iron stains from or shallow well at the summer cottage in Northern Wisconsin. I would start with a more diluted solution and increase it until it does the job. Being acidic, it will eat eventually into the lime of cement or into marble. How it will affect the paint, I am not sure. Behr's Deck Cleaner is also useable as a house and siding cleaner, so it should not be too harsh on the paint.

You should first stabilize the rust. There are primers on the market which will not just seal in the rust, but convert it to an inert state, which can then be painted. RustOleum makes one version of it. Home Depot carries them.

Re: Remove rust on porch from bleeding railing?

If you don't want to use chemicals on the patio, I've had success with a mixture of vinegar, warm water and a dash of dish soap. Pour the vinegar over stain and let it sit for a while, then scrub it out. If the stain's pretty well set in, you might have to use a chemical.

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