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Remove faucet handle

I'm trying to install a bath flange. My tub has 3 faucet handles; 1 for hot, 1 for shower head, and 1 for cold. The flange is going on the middle handle that is used to turn the shower head on. I removed the little cap on the front of the handle and took the screw out but I can't get the handle off. Any suggestions?

Re: Remove faucet handle

Different manufactureres have different flanges, but generally speaking a flange threads on the stem. If there's corrosion, it may be stuck, so free it for easier removal.

Re: Remove faucet handle
Re: Remove faucet handle

Put the screw back in all the way until it seats, but not tight. Then back it out about 1/2 turn. Turn the screwdriver around and simultaneously pull on the handle while tapping the screw head with the screwdriver handle. After a few taps, see if the screw is tight again, if it is, back it out another turn and repeat. After the second round, remove the screw and the handle should just come off. If not, repeat the process above.

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