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remove ceramic tile

need better way to remove old ceramic tile kitchen backsplash..tried dremmel to remove grout and chipped ay corners with stuff putty knife not good ripping drywall paper..I really don't want to re drywall backsplash..help please...

MLB Construction
Re: remove ceramic tile

if the tile was put directly onto drywall you're not going to have much luck on getting it off without destroying the drywall. if it was tiles on plaster chances are that you might be able to get it off once you get the first tile off but you'll probably still have some wall damage. you're best course of action is to remove the top row of tile, the bottom row, then cut along the top and bottom edge with a hole saw, remove the drywall and install new blueboard and plaster or drywall.

Re: remove ceramic tile

What MLB said plus,

You can try prying them off with a margin trowel, but don't expect miracles.

Re: remove ceramic tile

I agree with the above...trying to save the drywall is a waste of time. New drywall is between $5 to $10 a sheet. How much is your labor worth?

There is an advantage of removing the tiles and the drywall all together, down to the studs: you get to inspect the condition of the studs, you get to check/upgrade the insulation, you get to check/upgrade your electrical and plumbing. Good enough reasons?

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