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Remove caulk on cedar siding

There is a lot of peeled paint on the cedar siding. Could it be excess moisture because the bottom edges have been caulk? I'm thinking that cedar siding needs to breath so it dries out quickly. The house is near Atlanta GA where the humidity is high during the last half of summer.

Thank You, Garry

Re: Remove caulk on cedar siding


The bottom edge of clapboards should never be caulked. In fact, over the years, there have many gadgets intended to help clapboards breathe better, such as small wedges which whould be driven up under the bottom edge. If you have peeling to bare wood, you can bet that moisture is involved. As often as not, it is moisture generated within the house which is trying to migrate to the outside right through the walls. In colder climates, it condensates and freezes on the back side of the siding, where it eventually wets down the siding. This is why siding was always back primed with an oil primer in days gone by. Come spring and summer, the sun beats on the siding and the moisture tries to exit to the outside, pushing the paint right off the siding!

You should try to limit the indoor humidity through proper venting of baths, kitchen and laundry. If you have a humidifier, keep it turned down. Outside walls can be tightened up with weatherstripping at any point that punctures the drywall, such as electrical switches and outlets. Interior outside walls should be primed and painted with moisture retardant paints.

Re: Remove caulk on cedar siding

The double-tipped cabide-toothed scoring tool for Hardi siding is great to cut out the bottom edge caulk, then it can be cleaned up with a sharp 1" paint scra-per.

Re: Remove caulk on cedar siding

Thank you for the answer and the tip.

I have remove caulk on other projects and found a multi-tool with a chisel blade to be productive. The carbide cutter will work where the tool can't get.

Garry :)

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