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Remove black adhesive on Wood Floors

Our pine wood floors were covered with carpet, under the carpet was a linoleum, under the linoleum was a black, dry, asphalt-looking adhesive. Would you have any suggestions on what this is and how to remove it? See picture. (along the bottom of the photo is the black underlay for a carpet - disregard. The top/left mottled looking black is the adhesive I'm refering to above)
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Re: Remove black adhesive on Wood Floors

Before you go too far trying to remove it, find out if it contains asbestos. Grinding or sanding would not be advisable in that case. Do you you have local asbestos testing agencies in your fair city? There are testing labs where you can mail a samples to.

Hank Bauer
Re: Remove black adhesive on Wood Floors

Also you should have it checked for lead if sanding is in mind.

Re: Remove black adhesive on Wood Floors

You can not sand it off. It will clog the sandpaper immediately. A heat gun and sc****r or paint remover is the only thing that will take it off.

Re: Remove black adhesive on Wood Floors

I agree I think you should have the adhesive tested too otherwise your health could be in jeopardy. While not strictly really for removing adhesive you could possibly use paint stripper to help soften the adhesive. If it contains lead or asbestos though leave it to the professionals. Good luck to you!

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