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Removal of Wood Shower Window Frame

The previous owners thought it was a good idea to put wood in for window frame, paint it white, and call it a day. Problem is, this is right in the shower and gets wet like nobody's business. I want to rip this out and tile it, but I guess I'm a little apprehensive about what I will find under it. Plus, as a new homeowner, I've never tiled before.

Here's some pics:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157608200902194/

How should I go about this?



Re: Removal of Wood Shower Window Frame

What surprises me, is that this looks like a custom shower surround made of solid surface material but they didn't use the same material for the window surround! "WHAT were they THINKING?!?!?!?"

As for what you'll find under it is anybody's guess. It could be dry as a bone (probably not), damp, or riddled with rot, in which case you've got a major repair on your hands. I've never been a fan of windows in showers, having grown up in a house with one.

Tiling is actually a pretty easy job for a do-it-yourselfer. Most of the cost in a tiling job is the labor; the materials are pretty inexpensive. The only specialty tools needed are a tile cutter (a wet saw if you are using thick tiles), a notched trowel, and a rubber float. You can at least rent the tile cutter; the other tools are inexpensive.

The key that most DIYers miss is proper backing. You must use a cement backerboard or other product rated for using behind tile. Drywall and plywood flex too much (not to mention expand and contract) and either the tile or the grout will crack. The backing MUST be stiff and stable.

Do your homework before tackling the project. Most DIY books address tiling well, check your local library.

Re: Removal of Wood Shower Window Frame

Thanks FP. This is definitely one of those pictures you don't want showing up in a home improvement nightmare section of the magazine.

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