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Remodel/ReBuilding in Dallas, TX

Neighbors @ TOH

I recently bought the house that my parents owned. It needs a major overhaul if not a complete Rebuild from Foundation up.
There have been 2 additions since the house was built in 1949. It's the Additions Foundations, I believe that are root of the Problem that this house has. I don't believe they are deep enough. The ground here is Black Land Clay. In the summer the ground dries up and it seems as the foundations sink. My Parents had the Foundations repaired some years ago, however, there are very large cracks in the Drywall.
The Sliding glass door has a very large opening at the top when the weather is dry.
I am not sure if its the Foundation or the wood framing. The same thing happening to my Front door.

I am going to be ReDesigning the house in the up coming months to make it Energy Efficent. But before starting any work, I need to konw where to start. I figure on getting somekind of inspection done. Who should I contact? How much should the inspection cost me? I do not have a lot of money, so I am very budget minded.

I Would be very greatfull for any Advice or Oppinions that TOH or its members can give me.

Re: Remodel/ReBuilding in Dallas, TX

Have an ispection and a thermal scan.I don't live in Dallas but but I do want to promote the industry ,Thermal imaging helps you find things that normal destructive practices can't always find as fast.
I have found many water leaks,HVAC problems,window frame work in the wall and many other things.Its worth the couple ofr hundred bucks for a fact finding mission especially in an old home..

Re: Remodel/ReBuilding in Dallas, TX

Thanks for the tip on that Thermal Scan stuff. Don't know if thats a route wanna go. I'm looking at tearing down all the walls. Tearing out the flooring. Shoring up the Foundations. Findng and fixing any rotted areas... Wish I knew how to place up a video to show the state this house is in. it is barely liveable.

Re: Remodel/ReBuilding in Dallas, TX

I would start with recommendations from others in the neighborhood. If that fails, call these people http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/tv/products-and-services/resources/0,,1546552,00.html and ask for recommendations for contractors and inspectors in your area. The reason I suggest calling Austin is because the TOH team worked with these people and wouldn't use them if they didn't feel comfortable with their opinions.

In my opinion, I would start with a thorough inspection. Through that you can create a list of priorities.

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