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Remodel Project

I need to paint the entire interior of my house. I also need to replace carpet with hardwood floors. Which job should I complete first?

Re: Remodel Project

Hi there!
I suggest you paint the walls first, then replace the carpet with hardwood flooring. If you do the flooring first, you will have to be very careful when you are painting (moving the ladder, paint splatters, covering the entire floor, etc).

It's easier to paint first as the floor is not as big a concern if you do them reversely.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have additional questions.

A. Spruce
Re: Remodel Project

I second the motion of paint first, flooring last, for the very same reasons.

MLB Construction
Re: Remodel Project
A. Spruce wrote:

I second the motion of paint first, flooring last, for the very same reasons.

i'll "third" the motion. all you'll have to do is paint or touch up the base trim after the floors are installed.

Re: Remodel Project

All of the above are correct. This is elementary.

Re: Remodel Project

I might be the contrarian here.

If the flooring is to be finished in place hardwood, I always preferred to be there after the finishing. Finishing in place raises sanding dust which tends to stick to everything. The actual staining and varnishing also risks damaging the walls, not to mention accidental scuffing and dings of the walls. Of course, this meant that I had to completely cover the area with rosin paper to protect it from paint splatter, dust, and scratches.
In later years, I routinely covered hardwoods wall to wall even in existing housing. It just protects the floor and simplifies clean-up at the end of the job.

If the flooring is pre-finished, I would go along with the others here, although there is plaenty of opportunity to ding up the walls and ceilings while handling all those lengths of flooring.

When doing new construction, I wanted to be there right before the carpet went down, but after the hard flooring. Of course, drywall primeing, ceilings, etc. might be done as called for during the construction.

Re: Remodel Project


In this case, the OP is replacing the carpet and installing hardwood.

Re: Remodel Project

In our higher-end work, we install, sand and seal the hardwood, then cover it, do the trim and painting, then un-cover the floor, and do the finish coats. Not every schedule can work to this, and the floor finisher's gonna want a little more money for splitting the job in two, with maybe a month in between. It's our preferred method for kitchen floors, because they get sanded straight through, uninterrupted by the cabinets/island. And the cabinets don't get bumped by the sander.

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