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Remodel Hazards

We are undergoing a major whole-house remodel, but the contractor assures me he can work around us. I have a 5 yr old and I wonder if living at home will expose him to hazards.

What kind of hazards can we come up against and how do I ensure the remodel is safe for my child?

Re: Remodel Hazards

I agree with Jkirk about the scaffolding,debris,dust and electrical wires. I myself if I had a child think I would rather be living somewhere else while construction is going on as construction sites can be very dangerous places to be around. Sometimes though that really isn't practical or even possible due to various reasons.
So if you really must be home take precautions lock up areas of the house you don't want your child to be in and put the key where your child can't reach it. This might make it harder on your contractor but will make your child safer too. If you work and your child is in school have the neighbor take your child in and don't let your child be at home unsupervised at any time.
Have an emergency kit handy with syrup of ipecac if your child has swallowed a poison and vomiting to get rid of the poison is called for. Also have plenty of bandages and a cell phone in case your land line breaks down or is damaged due to construction work. As for dust you can use plastic and tape to help keep at least some of the dust from coming through any doors you lock up. Also don't rely entirely on your contractor to get rid of the debris and trash that develops around a construction site. No matter how good a contractor you still need to go behind them and do some cleaning yourself. I would also tell your contractor to make sure they have any glues,paint etc. put up high when not in use and make sure they comply with your wishes. All of my suggestions are just common sense advice and I think you will do fine you just have to be more vigilant than you otherwise would without a child. Good luck to you!

Re: Remodel Hazards

Keep your child away from all work areas, a dropped hammer or flying nail can do an awful lot of damage.

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