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remodel bathroom

I want to redo my guest bathroom to look like the inside of an outhouse. does anyone have any ideas. we have a few but not
quite sure how to do it.
any plans or ideas would be appreciated. thanks

Re: remodel bathroom

Find a barn that has collapsed and salvage the weathered, gray wood. Set nails outside and let them rust, then use them to nail the boards???

Just thoughts.

A. Spruce
Re: remodel bathroom

Quick and easy would be to use rough sawn T1-11 siding or, rough sawn lumber.

I would recommend using outhouse-like nuances rather than trying to actually replicate an outhouse. Things such as using the T1-11 or rough sawn lumber as wainscott and wrapping the window (if there is one ) in rough sawn trim. Use decorative switch and outlet plates that are rusty/country style. Replace the mirror with an old sash divided light window with a mirror instead of glass (pretty cool, very rustic ). You could even go so far as to leave corn cobs hanging by a string.:p:D Things of this nature will bring in the feel of an outhouse without it really "feeling" like an outhouse.

Re: remodel bathroom

put the quarter moon on the door.

Re: remodel bathroom

It's not so much the look as the smell... no exhaust fan and some sticky flypaper...Remember, this is folk art...you shouldn't be able to find plans anywhere.. a little field research witha camera should suffice.

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