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Relocating steam radiator

im looking into remodeling my home the first and second floor have the same layout..i have a steam radiator on a large side of the wall witch takes up a good amount of kitchen space if decided to install cabinets...i would like to know is it possible to relocate both radiator from the first and second floor? and is it a high cost job?

Re: Relocating steam radiator


I'm not sure I know what you mean by "relocate the radiator"---do you mean to another part of the kitchen, or remove it from the kitchen altogether???

If you want to remove it from the kitchen, you will have to have some other type of heating in there so the kitchen doesn't get cold.

Steam is hard to work with, compared to other forms of heating, but it is possible to have a HOT WATER TAKEOFF from the steam boiler installed on the lower part of the boiler, and then pipe the pumped hot water thru the kitchen cabinets (controlled by a wall thermostat) with KICKSPACE HEATERS installed---both upstairs & downstairs, if needed.

The websites below explain further---it may be somewhat hard to find a steam service person that does this sort of work---I don't know what the estimate would be---consult the Yellow Pages under "Heating Contractors".

One or two KICKSPACE HEATERS, which are only a sq.ft. wide & 4" high can be cut into the bottoms of kitchen cabinets & provide the same amount of heat as a massive radiator.

To get a rough compute of how many btu/hr you need to heat the kitchen (or any room), take the square footage of the room & multiply 40; thus, a 20' X 20' room = 400 sq.ft. X 40 (heat factor) = 16,000 btu/hour to heat this room.

There is a way to measure the output of the kitchen radiator as another way to determine the btu/hr needs of the kitchen, by assigning 170 btu/hour for each sq.ft. of radiator surfrace---then multiply by the # of rad sections---thus, a 24 section rad 1/2' wide and 1.5' high = .5 X 1.5 = .75 sq/ft X 24 = 185 sq.ft. X 170 = 3060 btu/hr as the heat output for this rad.


Re: Relocating steam radiator

thanx for the info ..i was planing on just removing it completly and caping the pipe off.

Re: Relocating steam radiator

I thought it was relocating. Great advice nashua! Thanks.
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Re: Relocating steam radiator

So which one did you really do? I wonder about that steam thing. wont that make the room all moist and more prone to spoilage and bacteria?
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