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James Leon Mahan
Relocating Main Breaker Box

My main Breaker Box is in the basement, It is hard to get to and is in an area where there is a moisture problem. Is it safe to conseal a Breaker Box in a lower kitchen Cabinet?, closer to the floor? What brands are the best?:D

Re: Relocating Main Breaker Box

doing such a thing is illegal, not only would an inspector fail this but your insurance company would void your insurance.

electrical panels cannot be hidden, in the event of an emergency it must be easily located if the power needs to be shut off. also the electrical panel must be a minimum distance of 8' from a water source or be in a seperated by a wall

Re: Relocating Main Breaker Box

An electrical main panel can be moved. Absolutely can. Here in California, the new location has to be approved by the Dept of water & Power. The reasons: safety and accessibility, since it contains the meter, and the work must be done by a licensed electrical contractor only.
However, it can't be hidden in a lower kitchen cabinet.
Check with your local power supplier first.
As far as the brand, well it's just a metal box. Ask your contractor to get a box with easy to find, install and replace breakers.

Re: Relocating Main Breaker Box

Personally i perfer square d, although cutler hammer is good too. If you go with cutler hammer decide between the br and the ch. The last sub panel i put in was ch. I stay away from ge, and all i run into where i live is wadsworth. Dont think they make them anymore, but there sure are a lot of them out there. This is more of me babling and not so much an answer so sorry. Good luck and be safe

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