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Regrading an Existing Lawn

I am wondering if there are any techniques that I can use to regrade my lawn without destroying the existing grass. There are several high and low spots and I want to even it out some ensuring to keep the slope away from the house. The lawn mower scalps the lawn in the high spots which is my biggest problem.

A. Spruce
Re: Regrading an Existing Lawn

Add compost or good quality topsoil to the low spots and rake it in really good to get it down to the root level. You can probably get about 1/2" or so deep, then let it sit for a week or two and do it again. You won't choke out the existing grass by doing it in this manner.

I use compost and manure to fertilize my lawn and this is the way that I apply it, also helping to control low spots. Been doing it this way for years and have experienced no issues.

Re: Regrading an Existing Lawn

One method widely used is to place a steel shovel at an oblique angle in a low spot or high spot & use your foot to push the shovel blade so that you remove only the top 2" of grass-containing soil.

You'll come up with a patch of "sod" that measures say, 12" X 9"--place the patch on a large tarp, plastic sheet or 4' X 8' piece of plywood to keep the lawn neat.

When enough "patches" have been removed level or fill in the problem area to get it level, sifting with hardware cloth to remove all small stones---then replace the patches as closely & evenly as you can (similar to crosswork puzzle work)---stomp down with flat tool (or your feet) to get the root system back in contact with the soil & water thoroughly.

They will grow back in within a week or two so you'll never know they were dug up (grass has sprigs and stolons that grow sideways, as well as upwards).

If the patches will be left on the plastic/plywood for more than a few hours or overnight, they should be spray watered with the garden hose.

Re: Regrading an Existing Lawn

Thanks for the advice! I'll give these a whirl.

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