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Regrade Slope

Hi, I need to re-grade foundation walls and create slope so that rain water move away from foundation walls. Did some research and come across following article (please take a look link below?) very informative article.


According to it, I should use clean fill dirt around the foundation walls. My question is how I would know by looking at fill if is really clean fill, color, any idea?

I picked fill and guy told me it is clean but I believe it is not. It is all black and kind of little black sand in it

Thank you

A. Spruce
Re: Regrade Slope

The term "clean fill" is material has been screened to remove large rock, boulders and foreign objects. There will be gravel, asphalt, and probably concrete debris up to a couple inches in diameter that remain after the screening process.

If you want topsoil, then you'll be getting clean dirt that has been mixed with soil enhancers such as sand, compost, or other organic matter.

Re: Regrade Slope

Good NYT article---good response by Spruce on clean fill & topsoil.


Why are you doing this???----are you getting water into your basement??

If you are, the soil-pitch step you are taking is a good idea--another step often taken in conjunction with this is to make sure the roof gutters are in place & working.

Even if the gutters are ok, thousands of gallons of rainwater can come off the roof in an average rainstorm & out the downspouts---if this water isn't properly carried away a cellar leak is more likely.

Many people dig a trench only 12"-18" & use thin plastic 4" drain pipe with a catch basin to carry the roof water 20-30' away from the building into a drywell or lower level outfall.

The idea is to get as much water as possible away from the foundation using ground pitch & drain pipes.


Re: Regrade Slope

Hello, No water in the basement however there is a problem on one side of the basement wall. The ground slopes down towards the left side of the house from adjacent property. It has whitest stuff and mold on it. The whole street is on slope. Please take a look attached pictures. This is exactly I am try to do


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