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reg. bricks for a walkway?

As luck would have it, we have been given 2000+ bricks (with holes) left over from a subdivison. We would like to use them in a walkway. Can we stand them on their long side and use them? is a sand base ok? or should we use concrete? We are using a edging @ a 6-inch depth, with a gravel and 2" sand base planned. We live in the valley part of Chatt.,Tennessee zone 6, and get a few dustings of snow each year.

Re: reg. bricks for a walkway?

I am not a mason, and I've never laid brick for a walkway. I can't give you any specific advice on installation. Are they clay or concrete?

But I believe pavers are typically solid, and may be sealed somehow. Water getting into the brick and freezing can cause spalling, where the surface of the brick chips off. I would think that this only applies to clay bricks, not concrete. But I might be wrong.

That said, they are free, and when something's free you won't feel so bad if it doesn't work out. You could try setting a couple of dozen in a test spot and see how they handle a winter. It would be a shame to put them all in and have them destroyed in a year or two. Perhaps you can think of some other use, like an outdoor fireplace? Of course, you should only use refractory brick for the lining of the firebox and chimney.

Re: reg. bricks for a walkway?

I would assume the same...that these bricks wouldn't last especially in a climate like the northeast (e.g. Boston area). But like the last guy, I'm no expert.

Re: reg. bricks for a walkway?

My limited experience with bricks was doing a curved walkway from our driveway to the deck about 13 years ago. These were not the bricks with holes that you describe and I laid ours flat, not on edge. It has held up well, no spalling and only minor cracks at the edge between the soldier bricks and the field bricks. One corner separated a little also but that was because a backhoe drove over that in wet weather. And yes, I still hear about it to this day.

I had about 6" of gravel in the path followed by about 2" of sand. Each layer was watered and compacted. I laid out the bricks in the desired pattern, tapped them with a rubber mallet to set them and then I swept a mix of sand and portland cement into the cracks between the bricks. I wet down the walkway and swept in more sand/cement mix to fill the cracks. I'm in MD so our winters are probably similar.

Re: reg. bricks for a walkway?

Thanks for the info., being here at the junction of zone 6,7. and these being free. we'll try them on edge ( I don't like the look of the holes).do you use sealer on these? The back fill with the sand and portland cement sounds perfect!just what my hubbie has in mind. Thanks!:D

Timothy Miller
Re: reg. bricks for a walkway?

Howdy, consider prepping the path with road fill or multiple size aggregate and compacting it with a tamper compactor. The bricks are fired and should have additives that make them water resistant. There are numerous sealers that you could use. I would suggest you contact a brick/ block/ cement supply store for what they recommend.

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