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Refrigerator in unheated garage

We just put our old refrigerator in our garage to use as a spare. Original plans were to put it in the basement but it would not fit through the doors so the garage is its new home. We live in downstate NY where the winters get pretty cold. Is there anything that we need to do to protect the refrigerator from the frigid winter temps? Would check the owners manual but there isn't one available for this unit that we inherited when we bought the house.
Thanks for your help!

Re: Refrigerator in unheated garage

I've had a freezer on my unheated (but enclosed) back porch for 15 years or more. Temps sometimes drop to sub-zero here in Chicago. I've never had a problem with the freezer.

One advantage to this is that the freezer rarely evens runs during the winter.

Re: Refrigerator in unheated garage

I'll ditto what Dave said. I've had a refrigerator & freezer in an unheated attached garage where the temp doesn't get below about 35 or 40 degrees and a refrigerator in an unheated summer home where the outside temp(and probably inside too) might average 30 with dips down to teens & 0 occasionally with no ill effects.

Re: Refrigerator in unheated garage

Thanks guys! Actually...I just went out to the garage to get something out of the freezer and much to my dismay, the freezer was not running and some of the things in there had thawed. Luckily, last night was the first really cold night so there were only a few things that I had to toss out. I turned up the freezer and fridge a notch or two and it kicked back on.

Found this info that may be helpful for anyone else with this question.


Will probably just keep minimum stuff out there once the kitchen is done. I'll keep the freezer on the empty side during the super cold winter. I am very disappointed though! I was so excited to have two freezers. Any ideas on how to get a 31" fridge through a 30" door without taking the fridge doors off?? Would be able to get it into the basement if that riddle can be solved.

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