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Refrigerator is suddenly not cold enough

I have a GE GSL25JFPBS side by side refrigerator. I suddenly have a problem where my refrigerator is not cold enough and my freezer has frost buildup along the back. This happened once before about a month ago, and it seemed to have corrected itself. The problem has returned.

In my refrigerator, things are around 50 degrees. In the freezer, my meat at the bottom of the freezer seems rock hard, but my ice cream at the top of the freezer is soft. I understand that warm air rises and cold air drops, but in the past, I have never had this problem with the ice cream at the top. Both of my dials for the freezer and refrigerator were set to 5 on a scale of 1-warmest to 9-coldest

A week or two ago, I went food shopping and had the freezer packed pretty tight with food. I am wondering if an airflow issue initiated the problem. Last night, I pulled some food out and saw the orange glow of the defroster running, so I know that the defroster coils turn on. I moved some things around to help the air flow. I turned the knobs to 7 to increase the coldness last night, but things were not any better this morning.

Re: Refrigerator is suddenly not cold enough

Just another piece of information...I had lettuce in my crisper (bottom drawer of refrigerator) freeze completely last week. I thought that was odd, so I turn down the dial on the crisper.

Re: Refrigerator is suddenly not cold enough

A few things can go wrong: defrost fan, thermostat, sensor or even control board. Hard to say without checking it.

How old is the fridge? If it's around 10 years old, it may not be worthy of fixing.

Can you get a free estimate from a tech? this will help you to decide what to do. If the estimate is high, consider replacing the fridge.

Another thing: GE is pretty good on warranty parts, they may get you free parts if there has been a recall on your model. Find out.

At the same time, start saving money for a new fridge. Don't let your fridge make you lose hundreds on groceries.

Re: Refrigerator is suddenly not cold enough

If you want to try some diagnostics Google the model # of the fridge along with the symptoms, there are tons of internet clinics staffed by pro repair persons & internet sites that will suggest solutions or talk you thru the problem; also videos below; if you don't have the volt-ohm meter seen in the videos, Harbor Freight has one for $5, Wal-Mart for $10.

The alternatives are calling a local repair person, which can be very expensive, or buying a new fridge for $1k.

You may need the free Adobe Reader download to view the videos.

Also check--there are some air holes somewhere in the freezer section that allow the freezer section fan to blow cold air down to the lower fridge section to keep everything cold in that part of the fridge---make sure the air holes are not blocked by ice, or anything else.


Re: Refrigerator is suddenly not cold enough

Had the same thing happen last year with my GE side-by-side.

I totally defrosted all the coils with a hand-held hair dryer, and then made sure the air transfer vents are clear as stated.

No problems since...

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