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Refrigerator slow water

So my refrigerator that is like 8 years old has now started slowing down on how much water come out after I moved in to a new house. I believe the problem is a bad water inlet valve because I test the water coming from the house and at each of the connection points(water inlet valve, and water filter). And only When I was testing the water inlet valve did the water pressure go down. So does this mean it definitely a water inlet valve?

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Re: Refrigerator slow water

have you changed the filter in the fridge?

Re: Refrigerator slow water

yepper still same slow water.

A. Spruce
Re: Refrigerator slow water

There may be debris at the valve that was broken loose when the previous owner/tenant disconnected their fridge. Connect a hose from the valve into a bucket and work the valve on/off several times, this may dislodge any debris blocking the valve. You may want a helper for this, extra hands are always a good thing.

Note the water pressure/flow through the valve before and after you do this procedure to see if there is a difference.

You may also want to test the water flow through both the old and the new filter. If the flow is fine at the valve, then the new filter may have some sort of clog.

As far as the refrigerator, all there should really be is the on/off valve in the door where you put your glass. The refrigerator does not increase/decrease pressure of its own accord.

Re: Refrigerator slow water

Clean or replace the inlet valve, we call it 'angle stop'.

Re: Refrigerator slow water
A. Spruce wrote:

the new filter may have some sort of clog.

Or it may be installed improperly.


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