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Re: Refrigerator with LCD screen a good idea?

I have no intention of buying an all-in-one refrigerator-TV-computer-microwave-coffemaker-toaster-drill-hammer-nosepicker, nor have I ever considered it. I'm a firm believer in tools that do one thing very well rather than several things mediocre.

However, in my last house, I wired in both TV cable and CAT5e Ethernet jacks behind the refrigerator, just in case the next person wanted something fancy.

Those jacks ended up coming in handy when I realized that the top of the kitchen cabinets was the perfect spot for the cable modem and WiFi router and that I could route the cables through the gap between the cabinets.

Re: Refrigerator with LCD screen a good idea?
keith3267 wrote:

How about a web cam at the front and back doors so when you get 5 miles from the house and begin to wonder if you locked the doors, you can check. Add to that, web enabled door locks so you can lock them just in case, but don't allow an unlock unless you have very good insurance.

And one aimed at the stove. (Did I leave that burner on?)

Re: Refrigerator with LCD screen a good idea?

It isn't necessary so I don't think I would go for it, in my opinion. Though it's really your choice if you really want a refrigerator having those features. In our case, an appliance like this doesn't really need to have features as high-tech as having an LCD screen.


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