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Refinish/repair interior window sill and jamb

Years of condensation and sun destroyed interior clear finish and established black mold at inside corners (2 to 5 inches along sill and 1 to 2 inches up each jamb. I want to arrest development and protect for future.I could sand and bleach each area, but it seems like these spots would be much whiter than the rest of the wood making up the sills and jambs....resulting in having to sand, bleach and clearcoat all interior wood except head jamb.
Any better way to do this?
What is best clearcoat product?

Re: Refinish/repair interior window sill and jamb

You can use stain or mixes of stain to match the color. It takes a little prctice to get the right color. I prefer oil based polyurethane.

Re: Refinish/repair interior window sill and jamb

You could always consider painting, which would greatly alleviate the situation.

Re: Refinish/repair interior window sill and jamb

had the same problem, chose to refinish. First thing I did was disassemble the window, completely. I had to strip some old paint first, but once that was done, removed the pins in the in frame that was holding the mortis and tenons together. It either was never glued, or the glue had dried and lost it's hold. Either way, cleaned everything up, sanded it, repaired where needed.

Then reassembled the window frame and this time I did glue the mortise and tenons to stop the frames from racking. Sanded again.

As for matching the color. My home was built in the 1920's and most of the wood work is original, so was very interested in maintaining look and feel, including matching color. From previous renovations I had a couple pieces of wood casing that I sanded and prepared the half of long ways(left stain and finish on other half). Then took it to Sherwin Williams and asked them to help me match color and finish. They used the board as a color board and had it back to me in 2 days, with a very close match. I spent a little more time and got an exact match using their close match as the starting point.

Once done, it looks great and I feel well worth the effort. It took me about 2 weeks to finish it, but only worked on it during my free time.

Good luck

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