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Refinishing wood floors

I live in a 100 year old "camp" cottage in Massachusetts. Each of the 2 stories has southern yellow pine medium-wide floor boards running from end to end. The floor plan on the first floor is wide open. After 10 years here we are desperate to refinish the natural wood floors downstairs as they've been worn down with heavy traffic. They look as though they've been sanded many many times. I don't have a garage or attic to put my furniture in so I will need to crowd it from one end of the house to the other as I work.

I am looking for the most efficient and least toxic smelling way to approach this project. I am not a big project person - I just want to put some kind of finish on the floor. I would love to NOT sand the whole thing down, but rather, wash and coat. However, I have no idea what is currently on the floors.

Re: Refinishing wood floors

The problem with a wash and finish is you'll still have an old finish on there. It would be a shame not to do it properly but that would involve sanding, something you couldn't really do with furniture still in the room. You could do half of the room and seal the rest off and then swap but I'm not sure how you would make the join seamless.
It is worth getting a professional in to do this kind of thing, by the time you've paid to hire the equipment etc.
Sorry, not much help but from experience old wooden floors do look beautiful if done correctly and it's worth all the hassle.

Re: Refinishing wood floors

I agree with cpatt: do it right or don't do it at all.

The lack of storage space is not such a big deal. It will just take you a little longer to complete the floor, section by section. The bigger issue is the expected dust that will be created by the must be done sanding. Here too, proper protection can make the job cleaner.

Re: Refinishing wood floors

Hi glad to know that you have 100 yrs old house. If you would like to get flooring job done, contact any local contractor and get all the information about this and also search ****** for reviews of the wood he/she suggest you.

Re: Refinishing wood floors

If the wood floor is too scratched or lost its color, you will need to use or hire a man with floor buffer machine or sand off the old finish with sander machine. Clean with a damp cloth wait to dry and apply new layer of polyurethane sealant to the floor with a paintbrush.

Re: Refinishing wood floors

Look for a floor refinishing outfit who sands with a high-efficiency vacuum and who uses evacuation blowers while isolating the rest of the house with plastic. Then the dust will be minimal where you're at. They can do half the house, you can either have them do the finish or DIY the finish, and then you can do the other half afterward. Splitting it up like that will be a little more costly than them doing it all at once, but you're also giving yourself time between expenditures- plus saving something if you DIY the finish.

After this, any further refinishing it needs will only require scuffing, not sanding, which is a lot less dust and bother and will be a long way down the road as well. Going over what's there now will only highlight the parts you don't like looking at now and you won't be happy with that. Done properly and maintained, you've got a forever floor and that's tough to beat!


Re: Refinishing wood floors

Years of dust and grit can create a lot of debris. You want this debris cleared away before you attack the old wood finish.

Re: Refinishing wood floors

Have one of those mobile storage PODS put on your driveway to store your furniture for the duration.

Re: Refinishing wood floors

Mobile storage pods are very expensive.

Re: Refinishing wood floors

I wish I could step back in time and be in your place now. I re-finished my floor myself and not that the job was completed and looks good now. It was a long hot mess to do it right. My wife ended up staying with her parents for three days as I tried to complete the work. Two years later my brother in law hired a crew to do his floors and they were in and out in a matter of days, cleaned up properly and their floors look great. Dust can be a huge issue as well. If you have an old house, spend a little now to do it the right way. You will enjoy it a lot more in the long run. Also, call a local carpet place and ask them who they recommend for wood floor work. They are a great resource.

Re: Refinishing wood floors

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