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Refinishing Window Trim - 1963 MCM Home

I own a home built in 1963. Some of the interior window trim has been damaged over the years by water. The windows themselves are the metal casing/slide type. I would like to refinish them but try to keep the color as original as possible, as the trim is this color throughout the home (on trim, doors, etc).

Any suggestions on how to best approach this project?

Re: Refinishing Window Trim - 1963 MCM Home

Often the paint store will have samples of what the various stains will look like on wood – but it can vary from type of wood and they are at best a guide. Get a stain that is as close as possible to the trim in the rest of the house and try some on a less noticeable part of the trim. Also match the varnish type – satin /semi-gloss /gloss.

It would be easiest to remove the trim so you can strip and or sand the damaged piece. You could take the trim to the paint store to compare the color. You can test the stain on the back of the trim to see what the color looks like on that particular type of wood.

If the wood is damaged beyond repair, try to match the trim at a lumberyard or home improvement store and put up new. If you do not have a power miter saw, you might want to hire a carpenter to install the new trim.

In my home, the trim was a dark stained pine – which I did not like and some was quite damaged from water and just abuse. Our house had been a rental for some years. I primed and painted all the trim white and replaced some of it. That really brightened up our home. Doors and cabinets are natural oak. Just a thought if the idea of refinishing gets overwhelming.

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