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Refinishing Very Worn Soft Pine Wood Floors???

Hello!  I have a townhome in Dever, Colorado and the main floor is finished with a 1 inch thick pine flooring.  The floor was installed well it's just been neglected.  from  my guess, it's been in place since about 2003.  It was in really poor shape when I moved in--the previous owner had metal dining chairs directly on the wood.  The entry and dining area are worn through and the floor is now gray/scratched in large patches.  I have done little to help the floor as I have an english bulldog.  Besides scratching with her nails, she is constantly leaving wet spots from her drinks!  I have tried to maintain the worn-out appearance that it had when I moved in without making it worse.

My question is: Is there any kind of sealant that could be applied (after proper sanding and prep work) that would be durable so that it didn't scratch immediately and would wear better?  I'm considering a professional service, but wanted to check ideas before I had a salesperson in my home.

My other option is to either tear out the soft pine floors and start fresh or lay a floating vinyl plank over the top so I have nice floors while I live here and then maybe refinish before I sell (later down the road).  My husband is not a fan of the dust and havoc that tearing out the floors or refinishing will bring so I'm leaning toward the vinyl plank option....opinions????

Thanks for any input!



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