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Refinishing kitchen cabinets: Impervo or RustOleum?

Just about to start revamping our 20 year old perfectly-sound-but-stuck-in-the-70s oak kitchen cabinets but wondering whether to do it the TOH way as seen on the website or try the new RustOleum Cabinet Transformations kit.

The kit sounds almost to good to be true but since it's relatively new to the market, hasn't passed the test of time, wear and tear yet.

My husband and I are just wrapping up a built in bookcase unit (backed with luan+painted beadboard wallpaper) that we finished with BM Alkyd Impervo (Linen White) and the rolled-on finish is beautiful!

So the question is: Impervo or Rustoleum? I'd really appreciate any comments/suggestions!


Re: Refinishing kitchen cabinets: Impervo or RustOleum?

Retro Renovation has a good piece on Rustoleum with kitchen cabinets complete with photos and customer reviews. Although, I've had good results with Impervo in the past. It's almost a coin toss, really.

Re: Refinishing kitchen cabinets: Impervo or RustOleum?

Thanks for your response HomeBody123! I all but gave up hoping for a response! I'll most definitely check it out!

Re: Refinishing kitchen cabinets: Impervo or RustOleum?

I'm considering the same improvement but am still trying to figure out the best way to go about it. I want to make my oak cabinets white. Did you ever do yours? If so, how did you do it?

Re: Refinishing kitchen cabinets: Impervo or RustOleum?

Happy New Year! Thanks for checking in! Well, I'm one to do my research well in advance of actually doing a project and I still haven't decided since I really love the way rolling on the Benjamin Moore Impervo Alkyd looks on the bookcases we're doing now. The finish looks almost sprayed and is hard as nails!

We've been hard at work every single weekend for the last 4 months finishing our first big wood project building this built-in bookcase for the dining room area of our "great room".

Next, it's on the the kitchen but before I redo the cabs, I've got to figure out how to move the non-vented stove to the only sliver of exterior wall we have which now happens to be under 2 small windows over the sink! I'm wrestling with the idea of knocking out the windows and moving the sink, since stoves and windows aren't a good idea but don't have the nerve to tell my husband the plan yet!

I promise to keep the board updated!


Re: Refinishing kitchen cabinets: Impervo or RustOleum?

Rosie, if you like the Impervo then go with it. You know what you'll get so you know you'll like it.

I have no experience with the other product but for a paint finish Impervo is the best I've even seen in all regards for about 30 years I've been paying attention to these things. That's hard to improve on!


Re: Refinishing kitchen cabinets: Impervo or RustOleum?

Phil, thanks for the encouragement! I love this forum just because of wonderful people like you! Thanks!

Re: Refinishing kitchen cabinets: Impervo or RustOleum?

I tried the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations and it definitely has its downsides. Apparently I didn't read enough reviews first. Anyway they don't sell samples and I didn't like what I chose. I called the company so thinking I could buy another base color but they told me that I would have to buy an entire new kit ($150). I couldn't believe that they wouldn't sell me just the base coat separately but they were adamant. It was MY mistake so that was it. I am VERY hesitant to drop another $150. Plus, it is really a paint that just shows some of the grain and now I'm not sure that I want the cabinets to look that opaque, just darker. They are the icky 1980s oak cabinets and I would like a darker look. I tried sanding the back of one of the doors with Minwax Polyshades but it was not dark enough. I'm wondering if I could tint the polyshades darker with Japan Color?? Does anyone have any other ideas? I really don't want to have to chemical strip all of those cabinets...

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