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Refinishing faux woodgrain coffee table top?

We have a big rectangular coffee table (with drawer) with faux woodgrain. I intend to touch up the worn off faux woodgrain in places and then apply a thick, clear. shiny varnish or polyurethane top coat. I thought this would be both durable and waterproof. Is this a good idea? How can I do this - what do I need?

Re: Refinishing faux woodgrain coffee table top?

i would just put a piece of glass over it.

Re: Refinishing faux woodgrain coffee table top?

Refinishing it really depends on what type of faux woodgrain you have. Is it pure inlayed wood? Is it a stain applied to real wood? Is it painted and with what type of paint? Is it plastic laminate inlayed into that faux bamboo frame? Is it a thin inlayed wood veneer?

It's very likely a photographic print laminated between plastic resin. If the wear points have a uniform color underneath, then it's the plastic resin form and you'd use a plastic resin available from most hobby stores to resurface the original thin layer. That's the safe answer. If you can see woodgrain at the wear points, it's real wood and you'd need to determine the surface ( probably polyurethane) and resurface that. If it's plastic or photographic laminated paper, the polyurethane will delaminate the surface and destroy it.

As pomhh implied, most glass shops can make you a glass surface to cover and protect it. They'd duplicate the shape from a pattern you'd make from cardboard.

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