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refinishing "exotic" hardwood kitchen table

We own a kitchen table made from a hardwood from India (Pier 1). By mistake a table cloth was ironed on the table, causing the grain to rise where the iron was set.

So, for questions:

1. Am what you'd probably consider "too handy for my own good". Should I attempt this repair or farm it out?
2. I'm assuming I'd use an orbital sander to clear out the raised grain.
3. Any ideas on refinishing? It's definitely not a varnish or poly type finish.

Any advice greatly appreciated!

J. Brad Peek :cool:

Re: refinishing "exotic" hardwood kitchen table

good point... it's only anecdotal but I'd bet a solvent based finish would have smelled funnier when it was ironed off.

Re: refinishing "exotic" hardwood kitchen table

This could be a DIY job.
Get yourself some fine grade sandpaper and the orbital will work great.
But first, if you're uncertain about the finish, throw the table in the back of your truck and drive around to a furniture refinishing shop or maybe an antique store and see if you can get some free opinions on what the finish is and how to re-coat it. A fancy finish can require up to a dozen coats, so be prepared for some serious garage time.

Re: refinishing "exotic" hardwood kitchen table

good idea on getting pro's opinions... that'll be fun, it's darn heavy! I'd agree too, if I have an idea on the finish, it's pretty much a DIY project.


Re: refinishing "exotic" hardwood kitchen table

Yo didn't say how long ago you ironed the table, but time might be your best bet.
I, too have a 'Conan-table' from Cost-Plus Imports. We call it a 'Conan' table because it's so big, heavy and made of really cool knotty wood. About a week after we got it, one of the kids left a glass of ice-water sitting on it, leaving a big white mark. I was heartbroken. I just chalked it up to raising a family and tried to ignore the spot. About 6 months after the incident, we moved into a smaller home and the table had to be stored in the garage, covered with a moving blanket. 2 years later we moved again, and I brought the table back in, and set it up. No more ring! Sure, it took a long time, but at least I got my table back!
I don't know if there is any way to speed up the process, but your iron mark may also be due to moisture, and I'd hate to see you go through a lot of work and possibly still not be happy with the new finish!

Re: refinishing "exotic" hardwood kitchen table

Long enough for the grain to raise up (should have been more specific in the original post). I've also got to sand out the graining.

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