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refinished my floor-help

about 2 weeks ago i refinished a very worn floor in my "new" house.stained it a dark color, put on the first coat of polyurathane (minwax high build semi gloss) it took 3 days for it to dry. put on the second coat, cranked the heat up to 70 in the house and it dried in the time it was supposed to. i stayed off of it completly for a week. ventured across it to measure for a vent cover and all seemed great. today (a cool,rainy day) i went in to put my curtains back up. i used a little rubber footed step stool and when i picked it up i had four little circular divots in the finish:-(:-(
questions: 1. what happened? (i'm no heavy weight i clock in at about a buck thirty) 2. can i fix it by sanding the circles a little and putting on a little bit of polyurathane? 3.was it too soon to put anything on the floor? i wouldn't think so based on what the can says but if so how long do i have to wait to move the bed and dresser back?

Re: refinished my floor-help


What was the temperature in the house when the first coat took so long to dry? It should have been up at normal room temperature of around 70 degrees. Also, how long did the stain have to dry and at what temperature. Once again, oil products need warm temperatures and normal humidity to dry rapidly. You may have rushed that first coat of polyurethane over the still not dry stain.

Your finish will probably eventually fully cure. I would give it 2 or 3 weeks to see if it firms up. It sounds like the underlying first coat was still somewhat soft. Avoid putting heavy furniture on it until it appears fully cured.

Re: refinished my floor-help

i agree with the last post, ive run into the same issue with oil based poly in the past with furniture ive built... going days letting it dry before i could put another coat on. running a dehumidifier will definitely help as it will keep the humidity out of the air which can greatly affect the drying time. its too late now but water based would have been a better option, its slowly becoming the standard product to use and not only that you can do 2 coats a day if the conditions are right

Re: refinished my floor-help

thanks guys. yeah other than when i turned the heat up to 70 the house doesn't get much above 65. I only have my heat set at 63. i'll borrow a blower/heater from my brother in law. can i fix the circles? i know it won't be perfect but just wonder if i can fill in the little divots with some poly?
next room i'll get water based. even if the floor ends up with permanent divots, it won't look worse than it did!!

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