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red staining on chimney

I have been pursuing this issue for quite some time. My oil fired boiler is running fine as verified several times by various technicians using their efficiency and tune-up equipment. My chimney is all stainless and is fine.

When the clean out door at the bottom of the boiler is opened a red/rust color debris can be seen accumulating. This apparently is not unheard of but not so common. This appears to be the source of the problem.

Around the smoke pipe that is on top of the boiler that connects to the chimney, small particles of the red debris are found. More importantly when the furnace fires the draft pushes these pariticles up the chimney and onto the roof where the dew and rain cause it to stain my chimney and roof.

So what can prevent the red particles from forming or how can they be stopped from going up and out the chimney?

Re: red staining on chimney

Try to locate the exact source of the red particles---it could be the combustion chamber target (soft material), the combustion chamber liner, the chimney liner (masonry/brick), or the bricks themselves if you have no chimney liner.

A chimney cap ($25) should help keep the particles off the roof (if you don't have a CC now---this should be installed (diy) in any event to keep bird's nests, & rain/snow out.

A next step, if chimney deterioration is verified, would be to have a Z-Flex stainless steel chimney liner kit installed, which is a flexible round steel 25' tube that goes right to the chimney top---the material cost is $521, plus labor for installation (often, $1500).

Re: red staining on chimney

Thanks for the quick feedback.

My chimney and smoke pipe are all stainless steel; there is no brick in the chimney. The cap is all SS too.

The source is the issue. Neither technicians, Beckett rep or Carrier rep can locate the source or even confidentallysay what the red is. I have been told the red is from the dye in the heating oil, rust from disimilar metals, incomplete combustion, a low chimney/stack temp or a boiler leak.

This is my 2nd boiler and furnace, so a leak is probably not it. The red is in the bottom of the boiler, so the chimney can probably be ruled out too .. it seems the red debris is just getting pushed up and out of the chimney.

I have surfed the net and see others have this issue but I never see any notes on if and how the issue was resolved.

So I am not sure where to turn thus any suggestions would be great.

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