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recycled glass & cement countertops

The editors at This Old House want to know: What stumps you about choosing colors to paint the interior of your home? We're particularly interested in the questions that relate more to the shape, size, layout and details of a room and less about its decor.

Something you’ve always wondered about how to choose trim color to coordinate with the walls? Don’t know which white works with the type of light you get? Want to know how to use color to make a room feel bigger or smaller?

Ask your question here, and maybe you'll see it answered in the November issue of This Old House magazine.

Re: Send us your questions about using paint colors

Our home has dark wood trim, but all of the paint companies show white trim in their brochures. We find that once we get the paint on the walls, it just can't seem to compete with our dark kitchen cabinets and wood trim around the windows. What types of colors look good with dark brown wood trim? We are trying to "modernize" although dark wood doesn't seem to be "in" right now.

Painting open living spaces

Does anybody have any ideas on how to paint my interior walls. I only want to paint a few walls in each room but have open space with vaulted ceilings and rounded corners. My kitchen and living room are only separated by an oak banister. How do I separate my rooms with different paint colors. Even if you had ideas where I could find this information I would appreciate it. Thanks so much in advance.

Re: Send us your questions about using paint colors

Our house is arts and crafts style, brick, built around 1910. On the main floor there is a central staircase and a foyer. The whole floor, foyer in particular, is very dark. We are thinking of painting the dark wood trim-- which is frankly not in delightful condition (gummy residue, old wood graining with the varnish). We hope that this will lighten up the place. Yet nervousness lingers... Do others (say someone wanting to buy the place 5 years hence) value wood trim, however gummy? Until one looks closely and/or realizes how dark the area is, the dark wood gives a charming impression. What's the right colour? The walls are currently cream. Should we change the wall colour too? Given the light issue, colours seem ill advised. Should we leave the coffered ceiling (in nicer condition) and staircase dark?

recycled glass & cement countertops

Hi, does anyone know the name of the company in Brooklyn that mfgs these countertops. Here in Philly, it was on ch.12 whyy. Oceanscape, seascape something like that. Does anyone have any experience w/those countertops?

Re: recycled glass & cement countertops

I have decided to put VitraStone countertops in the renovation of my 100 year old Colonial, which is the lighter concrete made from ash fly. They can also put in recycled glass, but I do not want that look. I think the Brooklyn building supply company you are referring to is Betancourt. They have everything, but it doesn't appear that they have VitraStone, which I have to get from Philadelphia.

Re: recycled glass & cement countertops

I also saw a piece on the company making countertops out of recyled glass & cement; I think the company you are looking for is called IceStone -- website is icestone.biz. they are located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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