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Recommendation on abrasive blasters

Needing to remove 10-15 layers of paint from late 1800's Victorian door hardware and potentially solid wood doors. Am looking for a recommendation on best abrasive blaster (i.e. sand vs. soda, lbs. of pressure, brand) to remove paint efficiently without damaging metal or wood.

Re: Recommendation on abrasive blasters

umm,no; don't go there.
You run into a huge wall of lead abatement issues using any kind of dry abrasive method, and blasting is the worst of them for dispersal of dust.
Use a wet technique for gross removal, like peel-away or Soy Gel, etc. Hardware can be removed and soaked in a crockpot (if non-ferrous) or lacquer thinner/methylene chloride type stripper if iron or steel. The dregs of paint fall off on their own after an overnight bath.
If your intent is to go back to a clear finish, and if it was so finished originally, more care is needed to get all the paint off the wood without forcing pigment into the pores; it's far more labor-intensive than a prep-for-repaint type stripping, but on fine old woodwork many believe it is well worth the sacrifice. My method for restoring to clear finish is heat followed by a hot chemical (methylene chloride-type) stripping to get off the residue.

Re: Recommendation on abrasive blasters

Thanks for your expertise. I'm unlikely to go to through the effort required to strip the doors to allow for a clear finish but am definitely interested in restoring the hardware to its original finish. The knobs are made of chestnut and the cast-iron plates and hinges have an intricate East Lake pattern. I have stripped several sets using Citristrip but this is time consuming (multiple applications) and house has ~40-50 doors. I'm interested in hearing more about the crock pot concept. Would you heat a methyl-chloride solution in the crock pot and soak the hardware overnight?

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