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recessed lights - how many do we need?

We are having the ceiling replaced in our bedroom. Before they put up the new drywall, we'd like to add some 4" recessed lighting. Our bedroom is 15X17. There are two large windows on two walls, a fireplace and closet on another wall and the bed is against a blank wall. It's on the west side of the house so we get plenty of evening light but no morning light. We don't read in there or anything, but we just need more light other than the ceiling fan and lamps. How many do you think we need? Should we just put one in each corner? Thanks!

Re: recessed lights - how many do we need?

If you ask me, I would say none. I don't like recessed lights generally and definitely do not like recessed lights or TV's in a bed room of an historic house. Just my opinion.


Re: recessed lights - how many do we need?

I'm not an expert . . .
You say only general lighting, and not task lighting . . .
yes, 4 "around" the 4 corners, plus 2 in the middle to light the null area. Make sure one of the fixture is over where you sleep or do work. The number of fixtures do depends on the fixture size (R20 or R30/40).
The 4 should be on 1 switch, and the 2 middle on a separate switch - - you'll have 3 mood combinations - all on, 2 middle only, and 4 corner.
If you want smallest, go with fixtures for R20 bulbs; the big lights are R40. I'm a big CFL user so only know them; R20 CFL is only 450-500 lumens; R40 CFL put out about 1,100 lumens. I can't use dimmers because dimmable CFL's are expensive.

With CFL's, you can choose color temperatures - 3500K is whiter than soft white; 5000K is white/white (operating room) and 6500K is blue/white like the HID car headlights (spaceship white).

Some like halogens because they are small emitters and look out of the way, but they're only 10% more efficient than incandescent bulbs which produce more heat than light, not not white enough to my eyes.

Re: recessed lights - how many do we need?

Heather/Vince I would go with what Brookworld suggested, one in each corner & two in the middle. I would also add two over the fireplace (w/ it's own dimmer), one over each side of the bed (w/ a dimmer on each side) The four in the corners and two in the middle could be called general lighting but the fireplace (light a picture etc.), bed lights could be for individual reading, writing phone messages or going to the bathroom etc.

If you go with high wattage (90W) incandescent flood lamps but don't turn them up to full brilliance they could last five years or more, not use a lot of power and will have a soft light, which is best for applying make-up or sleepy eyes.

6" dia. cans are the least expensive but be sure to get IC (in-contact with insulation type)for safety and the "air-tight" style to comply with energy codes, if you have an un-conditioned space above the bedroom.

You might want to consider the general lighting to be controlled with an "occupancy sensor/dimmer" so that they will come on & off only if the room is occupied or manually turned off.

Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
Maurice Turgeon, http://thesemi-retiredelectrician.com

Re: recessed lights - how many do we need?

Thank you both!

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