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Recessed lighting problem

I need hints for installing recessed (can) lights from below the ceiling. We have new blown-in insulation that is 16 inches deep in the attic space. I know I need fixtures that are rated for contact with insulation, but I'm not sure how to proceed with wiring. The ceiling joists are buried under all that insulation.

Timothy Miller
Re: Recessed lighting problem

Is ther wiring to existing light fixture and you want to install recessed? Two recessed cans are available one for 3" clearance from any insullation and one for none its printed on the cans. If you have an existing fixture. Turn off the breaker and remover the fisture see how many wires in the box . If lucky just two. Hopefully a truss is next to box remove box cut hole for new can install- keep head away from hole when dropping drywall to avoide insullation that falls out...

Re: Recessed lighting problem

Hey diyfan,

A great way to move insulation around is with a child's beach shovel; it's light and easy to use, just leave it in the attic when you're finished. Don't forget to where long sleeves/pants and a dust mask!

Start by moving the insulation off of the joist so you can see where you're walking, then clear the insulation off of the ceiling where you're going to drill your holes. A great way to mark where to drill your hole is to drill a pilot hole in the ceiling from below and stick a screwdriver up into the attic so you can find the hole.

At the home center, you can find plastic covers for the lighting cans; you put the covers over the cans and then cover with insulation. This allows you to get a good air barrier around the cans and maintain the insulation there.

When you're finished, use a fan rack to put the insulation back in place.

Hope this helps,


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