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Desperate n Detroit
Rebuilding a Front Brick Porch

My porch is being rebuilt as we speak EST. They've dug up the existing original footings (1952) Hollow cinder blocks by hand. The porch is about 8-9ft. x 6ft in depth. The contractor says he doesnt need to rebuild the footings with REBAR? He's using the scrap concrete slab from the top of the porch, crush stone & pour "some" concrete, is this acceptable, he says it will be approve by the city inspector, which is coming tomorrow. 10-8-10.
Is rebar needed for support & strength? I have no idea about the dirt that they dug out of the trench, that & existing dirt in the porch is leaning against the house. Help me if you can ASAP, you may also call. Thanks, Desperate n Detroit

I also have addittional ?s but I will upload photos in the next few days!

Re: Rebuilding a Front Brick Porch

If not load bearing, properly and firmly packed material can make a solid base. Pay attention to the drainage so water doesn't sit on or beside it and it should last the next 50 years as well.

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