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Reattach cement board to cinder block wall

I'm fixing one of the bedrooms in my house. While scraping the paint of the interior side of the exterior wall, I found that it has cement board attached to the cinder block wall. The problem is that the cement board moves a bit (in and out) when you press it, and whenever you knock on it, it sounds like it not completely attached to the cinder block. I don't know how the cement board is attached to the wall, since it is covered with a layer of gypsum or join compound. I would like to reattach the cement board with a minimum effort, as I need to have the room ready soon. What's the best way to do it?



Re: Reattach cement board to cinder block wall

If you are not going to remove/replace it and just looking to resecure it as it is, i would look into concrete screws, drill small or recommended size pilot holes and them screw the board into place. You could always apply a small amount of silcone into the holes before you install the new screw just to insure its sealed as well. If you are going to replace the cement board with new board, i would insure the cinder block wall is cleaned as good as you can, apply construction adhesive, apply cement board and again secure with concrete screws.. 

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