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Reappearing Drywall Cracks

We have two drywall cracks one hairline the other fairly large that reappear each winter even after patching over and over. The large crack pushes out all previous patching attempts each summer. We have used regular spackling, we have used caulk, we have used "Goodbye Cracks", and even have tried to put a long screw in a nearby closet (thinking the wall/ceiling has some sort of structural problem) but, nothing seems to work. We just have to start all over each season. Usually by now the hairline crack is gone, but not this year. The large crack runs next to a wide "doorway" opening on a cathedral ceiling and runs into where a regular 8' ceiling drops down it's about 12-15 inches long. Help!

Re: Reappearing Drywall Cracks


As to your original patches: were you raking open the cracks and covering them with fiberglass tape before patching with drywall compound? Mere patching over the crack without tape would stand a very poor chance of holding.

These re-appearing cracks indicate that the dry wall is broken and seasonal changes are causing your patches to break open again. I believe you need to replace a section of dry wall to the next stud, thus covering the cracked area with new unbroken drywall. The stress is then dissipated away from the former broken area. Assuming the house has finished settling, the new patches should hold.

Re: Reappearing Drywall Cracks

Sounds like strutural movement and possibly a drywall joint ( seam ) .
Difficult to say how to resolve it without seeing what's what with the framing.
Typically patching these types of issues rarely last --- as you have experienced.

Re: Reappearing Drywall Cracks

with drywall cracks, you cant just use spackle or caulking. the joint needs fibreglass tape or paper tape and bond or sheetrock 90 the combination of these are what gives the joint strength. mud is for finishing so to smooth out the joint

if there are joints in the drywall at the header of the door way openings, the joint is subject to failure. spanning the opening with a full sheet strengthens the framing and makes them less prone to movement

there could be something worse going on, the framing could be underbuilt which is allowing the walls to move creating the cracking

Re: Reappearing Drywall Cracks

Thanks for the ideas--I'll start with the fiberglass tape. I am fairly certain it would have to be an existing joint spanning a doorway and all. The builders may not have done a good job on the original.I'll hope for the easiest first! Since I am now an expert at blending paint in!

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