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REALLY need some input...

My husband and I are in the last phase of buying this house and are trying to get ideas on colors and accents that might help improve the look. We don't know if Shutters would add or take away. We also are torn on if we should paint it dark with light trim or visa versa. It does have a light roof(new) so we are trying to imagine what would compliment. We were also wondering about a circular drive. Any ideas would greatly be considered. Thanks
This little house has taken us years of stuggeling to obtain and we would like to make it charming.

Re: REALLY need some input...

You asked my thoughts in another post in another thread. Quite frankly it took me way to much time to find this thread as I do not bother much on tracking new threads since the forum is way to convoluted other than to track daily posts now and then.

Your place? Great lines and a nice simple house. My kind of house. I like the detail on the front porch.

The car-port looks added as an after thought but could deal with it.

The white and robin egg blue are quite shocking. That would be the first thing I would change. I’d go with some really earthy colored browns, very off whites, grays, blues and greens and even some deep reds. Just stay away from super primary colors and you could do well.

Take a color and add some dirt to it.

I like to see a three color scheme on any house.

Gray Watson
Re: REALLY need some input...

The first thing I'd budget for is a Tree Surgeon or Tree Trimming service. You need to get rid of the dead wood and get the overhanging branches removed from the house. Some of those trees are past their "prime" and you want to protect that newer roof and avoid critters. Most all of the foundation planting in the front is too close to the house, and under the eaves, promoting rot, decay, and WDIs. You may need to do some grading corrections.

I'd nix the idea of a circular drive in front of the home, it (the home) is close enough to the street already, a circular drive connecting to the street in more than one place is an invitation for everyone to use your drive as a turn-around, and you will want a buffer zone between autos and your home.

A wider walk with slight pitch to promote run-off and perhaps a natural stone with some more snaky path even with a branch to the street near the mailbox (if street parking is permitted) might increase the curb appeal and practical aspects - being forced to use the drive as your path to the street can be cumbersome, especially if cars are parked on the driveway. Perhaps the postmaster would allow you to move the mailbox closer to the driveway/walkway boarder at the curb instead of the middle of your lot? (couldn't hurt to ask/write a letter). I can see granite steppers, red, blue or buff grade (not flame or orange) or paver bricks instead of the concrete walkway; opening wider at the front perhaps flanking the sides of the porch slightly looking very inviting, and bringing it along side the drive and down to the street perhaps widening/flaring it at the street end as well.

Definately work out a landscaping (materials, colors both hardscape and softscape) plan before you begin the paint color selection process so you end up with a unified look, even if you do it over time year by year.

Draping the hose on the front of the house looks nasty. A self contained free-standing hose reel box on a swivel is more practical to use, looks better, and is easier to disguise (even if you have to use frequently).

If you're in an area of Texas that requires the foundation soil to be regularly moistened to protect it, and you don't have a slow soaker system in place that's the next I'd budget for.

The light colored roofing is good. You will need some serious blocking primer to cover the blue and prevent bleed through - blue tones are most difficult to block. From the deck pictures doesn't look like much scraping/sanding/feathering was done on the siding before it was painted blue. Prep might be a big project. Stick with lighter tones for the house as well. A light neutral with a hint of color that may be more apparent when natural light is less would be most flattering and hide dust splashes, stay away from pinky or peach tones/hues. Off white trim instead of stark white around entry doors, windows instead of dark colors will maximize light and minimize heat gain in summer. Front entry door pick a dramatic color you can also highlight other areas (such as exposed rafter tails, etc.), but avoid very dark (heat gain) if the door faces south.

The deck looks seriously neglected. I would also opt for a very different type of guardrail, more in keeping with the style of the home, and less like a containment for farm animals. What is that white board situation on the operable side of the back/deck entry? It looks hideous. If its enclosing a former window location that you don't wish to restore then piece in replacement siding. Walkout height and questionable flashing don't look right but the pictures don't reveal much detail, your home inspection report might reveal more problems with it and may need to be redesigned, torn out and replaced and installed as a step down deck.

Edit to add: Nix on the faux shutters: overhangs and placement of windows/doors with home style, would be out of place, and encourage insect/spider nesting, moisture, wood rot, etc.

Re: REALLY need some input...

I agree your new house is quite nice but certainly needs some work. I also agree that you need to get rid of that deck,I wouldn't keep any part of it and maybe even have a little bit smaller deck with perhaps a terraced area made with paver stones where you could fix your food instead of on the deck. As for color that is a bit harder I personally like blue myself but agree that the shade of blue that is on the house is very tired looking. Since you live in Texas you could even be tempted to put stucco on the house but I wouldn't as this house really wouldn't look good with stucco on it. Another color I like but might not be good for your house is light green. I like green because it is a more natural color and fits in well with the landscape.
While I don't think your house needs to fit in with your neighbors I certainly think you should take a walk around your neighborhood and see what other people have as colors on their house. I am also more of a traditionalist when it comes to color and like light trim and darker body colors for the rest of the house.
If you get to the point where you think you are really going to like a color on your house then I suggest you buy some sample paints and paint squares on your house. Then look at your house from across the street and see which colors you like best. Maybe none of the colors you first put on will be acceptable to you but that really is the best way.
I agree too leave the driveway as it is and make sure your trees are trimmed. Most tree trimming you can do yourself but if there are power lines nearby you really need a professional. Also if the tree has very high branches that you can't cut with an extension pole or the tree is dead and has to come down hire a professional as they have all of the safety equipment that they need. Better to be safe than sorry I always say.
I also agree it looks like shrubs are too close to your house this invites bugs like termites into your house and you don't want that. When you do buy things to replace what you have buy smaller plants for the very front of your house as they really look better than larger plants.Contact your local nursery or nurseries to see what plants they might recommend. Also contact your local agricultural extension office to see how much it would cost to have your soil tested. Once you know the ph level of your soil you can then better know what plants will grow there. I would take several samples and label them as to where they where taken and ask your extension office to tell you in their report to name each report by your label. This will cost a bit but will be more helpful. It also might not be a bad idea to hire a professional landscape designer,not necessarily for that person to do the work but to give you a plan and some ideas. You might find that you will be making extensive changes to the plan during your yard remodel because of things that can't be seen such as roots etc. but might find it comforting to know you have someone you can consult.
I also agree with one of the posters who said to leave shutters off of your house. I personally don't think your house should have shutters and would look better without them. I hope too that you had your house inspected as an inspection will tell you about any hidden problems. Good luck to you!:)

Re: REALLY need some input...

The house is great. I do agree that the color is wrong as it looks tired and doesn't really fit the style. Also the paint looks to be in bad shape in one of the close up shots. Color is personal so make it personal and go with a scheme you like but don't got too far out of the norm (I lived next to a purple and lime green house for years- great for giving directions but it was an eyesore). If you like dramatic colors, it is often best to use these as accents in the trimwork or go with a bold door color.

It looks like the plants around the house in front may just be immature and eventually would fill in but if not, I would do some landscaping to improve the curb appeal. I prefer to bring some dramatic planting closer to the curb away from the house. Maybe some plants around the light and mailbox. It should soften the look of the front of your house. Go native if at all possible to reduce the headaches of keeping the plants alive and looking good.

I agree with the suggestion of the stone walkway, it will also provide curb appeal and makes sense to keep people waling away from the cars in the drive.

The structural suggestions are things I will refrain from commenting on, others are better at providing advice on these issues.

Congrats on your purchase!

Re: REALLY need some input...

For me it has a cottage look. I would go with earth tones also like the shake color and a thrush red/brown for trim. Faux shutters will look like faux shutters and out of place. I would also loose the deck and go for a setting area on grass or stone.

One thing you might check on. Many paint stores have software that you can down load a picture of the house and edit colors to see what you like best.

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