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Re-piping My House


I am re-piping my house with copper tubing, and I received the lowest bid of $4680, is this too high. This bid is only for the pipes inside the house, not from the house to the street.

The house is a one level, single family dwelling with crawlspace. It has 1 bathroom, with 2 sinks, 1 shower, and 1 toilet, and 1 kitchen with 1 sink no dishwasher or ice maker, and 1 water heater located outside, 2 outside faucets, and a washing machining in the garage. The current piping is in the walls.

On the estimate sheet the contractor made no mention of the type or size of pipe being installed. I will be inquiring about this when I contact him regarding his estimate. The quote of $4680 does include the patch plaster and putting panel back up. The contractor’s credentials check out active license, bonded, and worker’s comp insurance. The contractor is installing the pipe coming up through the floor. Is this a common practice?

Please respond I need your help. Thank you.


Re: Re-piping My House


It's just about impossible to say what is or isn't "too much" for your locale as concerns the particular job at hand.

Pay-scales can and do vary widely from one locale to another. I don't recall you saying how many bids you got, but if three or more and this is the lowest......you can pretty much assume that it's reasonable for your locale.

Any contractor who is licensed, insured, carries workman's comp and is well equipped will have operating costs higher than those who don't. This is a good thing, not a bad thing....if they are reputable and honest, also.

Don't know if the crawlspace is 5' tall or 18" tall. The shorter it is, the more difficult and time-consuming it is to manuver oneself around under there......and time is money.

Copper is very expensive right now and likely won't return to previous costs. Global demand is too great. This is why so many folks are turning to PEX tubing instead. How many dollars of copper are included in this bid will depend upon both the lengths involved and the diameter of the piping.

Since the price includes all cosmetic repairs also, it may be a bargain. Again, impossible to say from here.

(Does the job include the drainpipes as well....or just the supply lines? If some drainpipes as well, that would certainly add considerably to the price.)

Re: Re-piping My House

Would PVC / CPVC be an option , especially in that mild climate ?

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