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Re-Installing Victorian Pocket Doors

We just recently found out that there are tracks in the wall for pocket doors going into a room we just converted into another bedroom. The doors were missing however, we have found some of the same style doors in another house (locally). Does anyone know how we need to go about re-installing them? Do we have to take apart the wall? :eek:

Re: Re-Installing Victorian Pocket Doors

You do not have to take any of the wall out. You might have to remove some of the trim on the jamb. You will also have to find matching rollers for the track.

Re: Re-Installing Victorian Pocket Doors

I agree with Chicago Mike!!

Re: Re-Installing Victorian Pocket Doors

Nice sharing i am also agree with Chicago Mike

Re: Re-Installing Victorian Pocket Doors

You need a complete set of hanging hardware for the doors (wheels, brackets) and they must be compatible with the rails built into the house for it to work; odds of success are low, unless the hardware was stored somewhere in the house.
Antique sliding door hardware is hard to find (in complete sets) and $$. There are to my knowledge no reproductions.
New sliding door hardware will not be compatible with your built-in rails, and must be approached as a "new work" installation, which means opening the walls.

Re: Re-Installing Victorian Pocket Doors

Scrounging compatible hardware like rollers can be a real bugger as there was never any standardization of these things. Most of the newer pocket door hardware is made by Johnson so replacements and repair is much easier now. You may want to talk around to all the contractors who are working on or demoing similarly-aged houses in your area to see if they might have what you need. You may be able to adapt some of the newer hardware to fit. Even with all the dimensions of the track on hand, it may take some time to locate what you need. Don't give up even if this takes some time because demoing the wall to replace the track is a lot of work which you might be able to avoid.

Good luck in the search. And now you know why Carpenters have so much old 'junk' squirreled away!


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