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Re: Installing Tile Entryway

I have just had hardwood installed and an area has been left open for the installation of tile inside the doors to the outside. My question is how do I work the interface between the grout and the edge of the hardwood. I'm guessing I don't want to take the grout right up to the wood. Thanks for any help!

Re: Installing Tile Entryway

There are different reducers and T available exactly for this purpose (going from tile to carpet, wood, laminate, etc.) because the finished height may not always be the same.

You don't grout up to the wood, because you need to leave a space for the T base. Once you install the T you can secure it to the floor (wood or concrete).

Re: Installing Tile Entryway

Depending on the height of the tile you may not need a T wood filler (astragal) if the tile is the same height as the wood. Use a 'soft joint' between the two, usually specially rated 100% silicone for flooring applications. Leave a 1/8" gap between the tile and caulk the joint closed.

The first thing to check is the deflection of the substructure under the tile if you are over wood framing. The wood framing must have a deflection no less than L360 for ceramic or porcelain, and L720 for natural stone.

Re: Installing Tile Entryway

thanks dj1 and Houston. You have lowered my stress level markedly.
I'll have to go back and cut my OSB smaller to leave a gap and I will explore the silicone idea. Don't know if it will all be the same height but I'm working for that.
Houston - by deflection do you mean how level the sub floor is?

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