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kristen roberts
re-doing trim

hi there~ i'm new here...can anyone point me to posts or info about tools that can be used to sand and refurbish detailed trim? our trim has a lot of grooves in it and i was hoping there were tools that i could use to sand/clear out those grooves~ i feel like sanding them will not do a good job. thanks!

Re: re-doing trim

If you are willing to put in the effort,
If you are not afraid of hard work and a lot of sweat,
If you are patient... DIY.

Otherwise hire a professional painter, AND WATCH OVER HIS SHOULDERS, so you get what you're paying for.

kristen roberts
Re: re-doing trim

i am doing it myself.... that's why i asked about tools... :)

MLB Construction
Re: re-doing trim

i've done this type of work in the past and it's not fun. as for tools, it's basically whatever works for your type of trim. for dental moldings i've used sand paper, steel wool, dental type tools, small chizel, screwdriver and one thing that helped a lot was my compressor with a pin style blowing nozzle. in lieu of that you could use a can of compressed air that's used to clean keyboards.

Re: re-doing trim

Are the grooves filled with countless coats of paint and you're trying to bring back the detail? I've never done this, but if that's the case you might do more with paint remover and some scr-aping tools to get into the crevices. On-line woodworking tool sites have countless shapes of scr-apers.

kristen roberts
Re: re-doing trim

thank you for the suggestions. the trim has a lot of damage but not too much paint ~ dental type tools will probably work well.

Re: re-doing trim

The only moldings I will try to restore are those I can't replace. It's just too much work to deal with, but when it's historical that changes things. Besides, new moldings can be fitted to perfection if the old fit wasn't that good. My advice: consider replacement. After you do this restoration job once I can assure you that the next time you will not even consider it an option.


Re: re-doing trim

What you will need: Ladder, Rags, Paint sc****r, Exterior wood filler, Sandpaper, Acrylic latex caulk, Caulking gun, Primer, Hammer, Paintbrush, Paint

Exterior Trim Preparation
- Sc**** off peeling paint from the trim using a paint sc****r.
- Fill the holes with exterior wood filler. Lightly sand it when it is dried.
- Caulk the seams between the trim and the siding.

- Apply a coat of primer on the wood. This seals the wood and provides a better surface for the finish coat than bare wood.
- Pour half a can of primer into an empty paint can.
- Stand on the ladder in a way that you can comfortably reach the trim. Hang the paint can over the ladder hook and make sure it is sturdy.

- Allow the primer to dry for about 2 hours.
- Paint the trim with the top coat.
- Because you prepared the surface with primer, you will probably only need one coat to fully cover the trims.
For best results, use a high quality bristle paintbrush with an angled edge. This helps you get to the hard to reach corners and edges.

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